Meet Linda

My partner and I moved to Cal Heights three years ago, where we’ve created a drought tolerant garden, installed solar panels and encouraged our neighbors to grow their own food. My professional background is in marketing and event production, and I currently work as an independent sales contractor for a gardening seed company based in Colorado.

Throughout my 13 years as a community organizer in Long Beach, I have met many motivated people who are dedicated to improving the everyday lives of us all through grassroots efforts. My service to our community includes helping to feed the unhoused, visiting deported veterans, delivering provisions to refugees at the border, and co-organizing a number of  large scale demonstrations and actions after the 2016 election.

After discovering there are no candidates running in the 5th district who share our progressive values, I decided to enter the race because we need leaders willing to acknowledge and address the root causes of the housing, climate, and health crises facing all of us.

My office will treat the need for affordable housing, mental health resources and clean air as urgent and immediate. I am committed to work to end oil extraction in our neighborhoods, eliminate offshore drilling, and advocate for accessible open spaces. The Long Beach City Council is the best available resource to harness the collective energy necessary to rise to the challenge.