Linda's Policy Priorities

We can’t wait any longer for systemic change. Let’s fight for a better Long Beach for all of us.

Affordable Housing

Long Beach is facing a housing crisis, with rising costs burdening renters and would-be buyers and pushing more and more people onto the street. I will fight for a comprehensive housing plan that increases access to affordable housing and works toward ending houselessness in Long Beach. Everybody deserves a roof over their head.

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

The Sustainable City Commission has urged the Mayor to declare a climate emergency. Long Beach needs to run on clean, renewable energy, with efficient buildings and free, widespread public transit. I am committed to protecting our wetlands, restoring and expanding our green spaces, and ending oil extraction in our neighborhoods and offshore.

Public SafetY

The only sure way to create a safe environment for our families is to prevent crime before it happens. This means implementing evidence-based solutions to address its root causes by meeting the basic needs of our neighbors. Together, we can help make everyone a productive member of society.

Workers' Rights

As the partner of a Teamster and a member of pro-labor organizations, my goal as a council member is to maximize the effectiveness of my daily fight for workers’ right to a better quality of life and secure future in retirement. Every worker deserves a good job with a liveable wage and decent benefits, and workers have a right to organize without intimidation from their employers. ¡Sí se puede!

Public Health

We need to work toward universal health care with strong coverage for mental health care, reproductive health, substance abuse treatment, and the protection of LGBTQIA+ access to care. I am committed to creating accessible public health programs in Long Beach that make it easier for everyone to access the care they need.

Long Beach Airport

Loud and frequent noise impacts our stress levels, even in our sleep. I will continue to oppose late night flights to minimize noise pollution, and prevent excessive airport expansion projects encroaching on our green spaces.